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Broken  S  Ranch

Quality Boer Show and Meat Goats From Oklahoma

F-1 Braford Cattle


Cecil & Sharon Swepston

James, Sherry, Megan, & Raygan Greathouse (Raygan Below)

PAPA'S BABY BOY "Raygan Edward Greathouse"


Shannon, Chase, Shelby, & Emma Gifford 

We are the Swepston, Greathouse, and Gifford family. Cecil and Sharon Swepston, James, Sherry,  Megan and Raygan Greathouse, and Shannon, Chase,  Shelby and  Emma Gifford. We operate a small ranch of 90 acres in the Ft. Gibson, Okla. area along with another 100 acres of leased land. We raise F-1 Braford cattle as well as a commercial beef herd. We also raise Boer Goats and sell quality full blood breeding stock, show and meat animals. We concentrate on foundational bloodlines and try to obtain and select only top quality Boer bucks and does to breed. We have our full blood Boer herd and a commercial goat herd consisting of percentage Boers from 50 to 100 percent (if they don't meet our requirements for the full blood herd they go into the commercial herd) of which we raise percentage show and meat goats. We are members of the Church Of God 7th Day and are very active in our church ministries. The name of our ranch is not because Swepston starts with an S, but because God loves those with a Broken Spirit. Therefore we call our little spot on this earth "Broken S Ranch" and hope that the name of JESUS will be lifted up in all that we do. We believe that the 7th day of the week (Saturday) is the particular day that God sanctified and set apart from the other days of the week as a day of rest and worship, therefore we would choose to do no business from Friday at sundown till Sabbath (Saturday)at sundown. Any other time, we would love to meet you and will try to fill your needs with honesty, and reasonable prices. We hope you enjoy our site, and Please make yourself at home.

                                                                                  Thank you,, Cecil Swepston