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We at Broken S Ranch do offer Stud Services to select outside does under strict adherence to the following policy.
   We reserve the right to accept or REFUSE any doe and will require that this policy be followed to a tee whether it be with Friend Or Foe.


      Broken S Ranch

Breeding Contract


This contract is an agreement between ________________________________, hereinafter known as the “Doe owner” and Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston, hereinafter known as the “Buck owner or Breeder” for the Buck _________________________________________________, registration # _____________________________, hereinafter known as the “Buck”, to breed the following Doe _____________________________________, Breed__________________, registration #_________________________________,

Left ear tattoo_________________, Right ear tattoo__________________, external tag __________________, hereinafter known as the “Doe”.


1.     The breeding fee shall be $________________________, and shall be payable at time of the Doe leaving our farm.

2.     The Doe will be boarded at Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston farm in an outside pen or pasture with shelter.

3.     Doe day care fee will be $1.00/day and includes; fresh water, graze and/or hay, grain, & daily maintenance/observation.  The average number of days for Doe care is 30-45 days.

4.     If the Doe Owner requires the doe to be housed in an under roof pen & fed show ration the Doe day care fee will be $2.00 per day and all feed supplied by Doe owner.

Health Requirements

  • Doe must be clear of “sore mouth”, any type of fungus, lice, or any abscesses.
  • Doe must be healthy, in sound breeding condition, free from infectious, contagious, or transmittable disease.

Breeder reserves the right to refuse the Doe or have a certified veterinarian examine and test the Doe, at the Doe owner’s expense.

Paperwork Requirements

1.     A copy of the Doe’s registration papers (if Doe is registered) shall be given to Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston at the time of the Doe’s arrival.

Authorization of Treatment

The owner of the Doe or agent by signature below authorizes breeding, treatments associated with breeding, and veterinary care (emergency).  Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston will make every reasonable effort to contact the owner by telephone in the event of an emergency, illness, or injury.  In the event that the Doe owner or an agent for the Doe cannot be contacted, Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston will decide on the necessary veterinary services for the well-being of the Doe.  Doe owner will pay all veterinary expenses incurred for the Doe.


1.     This contract does guarantee a pregnancy but, does not guarantee a “live kid” from this breeding. It will be the responsibility of the doe owner to supply proof of non conception from this breeding within 90 days of the date of this contract to receive the right to rebreed privileges.

2.     Should the above named Doe not conceive from the first breeding, the Doe owner may elect to rebreed the above Doe in the next cycle or during the following season with fees being credited.  The above Doe may be rebred a maximum of 2 times (3 total breedings) then the  Doe owner will be required to substitute the above named Doe (with the above named Doe being deemed unfit or incapable to breed) for an approved substitute Doe with fees being credited.

3.     Should the above named Buck die or become incapable for service during the breeding period of this contract, the Doe owner may elect to breed to an alternate buck owned or controlled by Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston with the fees being credited toward the stud fee of the alternate buck.

4.     It is understood and agreed upon that there will NOT be any refund of money to the doe owner for ANY reason and any failure of conception MUST be settled with the above stated rebreed policy.

5.      It is agreed that should the Doe be sold or change ownership after being serviced by the Buck, the pregnancy guarantee and rebreed privileges will no longer be valid.

6.     An American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) Service Memo will be issued within one week after Doe owner has notified Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston of birth either by written and mailed process or by filing through the ABGA online process.


  • Although every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the Doe, Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston, shall NOT be liable in any way for illness, injury, or loss that may occur while the Doe is boarding at our farm.
  • The Doe owner is not liable for any illness, injury, or loss caused to the Buck by the Doe during service.
  • The Doe owner agrees that this contract constitutes a lien upon the above named Doe to secure payment of all fees and should the Doe owner fail to pay agreed fees within a 6 month time frame, then the Doe owner agrees to transfer the does registration certificate to Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston. Should Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston initiate legal action to enforce any terms of this contract, Doe owner shall pay for all of Breeder’s court costs, attorney fees and any expense incurred.
  • When signed by the Doe owner/agent of doe and Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston, this contract is binding on both parties under the laws of Oklahoma, subject to the conditions stated herein.  This contract cannot be assigned or transferred without written consent of Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston.


Signing of contract

The owner of the Doe/or authorized agent, having read and fully understood the terms of this contract, hereby agrees to its terms on:



Date:____________________________________, in __________________________

                                                                        (city & state)




               Signature of Doe owner/agent





   Signature of Broken S Ranch/Cecil & Sharon Swepston


Breeding Fee = $__________________

Dates of boarding & exposure:  From _______________ To________________

Total Doe care @ $1.00/day for ____________days = $____________

Total Doe Care @ $2.00/day for ___________ days = $ ___________

Other expenses incurred = $___________   

Explanation of other expenses:_________________________________________.

Total fees due = $_________________

Broken S Ranch appreciates your business & wishes you many happy days of goat raising!!!!!

Thank you,

Cecil & Sharon Swepston

Broken S Ranch

(918) 478-4410  Ranch

(918) 822-1740  Cecil’s Cell